New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia and JESSE MCCAUL

Jesse McCaul, Senior Pastor of New Life Fellowship, ministering at the Cambodia Church Planting Center (CCPC) Conference, 2017

Jesse McCaul was born in Eugene, Oregon, USA. As a teenager he moved to Cambodia with his parents in 1995. Jesse has been pastoring at New Life Fellowship Phnom Penh, a church of over 2,000 members, since 2004, and has been overseeing Cambodia Outreach’s work since 2006. Cambodia Outreach is a humanitarian, non-governmental organisation that helps the poor through relief and development initiatives. Jesse is passionate about evangelism, discipleship, and bringing the Kingdom of God to Cambodia. He believes the country is open and ready to receive the Gospel in a powerful way.


Cambodia is a country that has gone through 30 years of Civil War, including a 4-year genocidal reign and 10 years of communist occupation. Being historically Hindu then converting to Buddhist, in 1993 a Peace Treaty was drafted with a new constitution that allowed freedom of all religions. The entire country was systematically destroyed by the Cambodian Communists (Khmer Rouge), including finances, commerce, education, family and religion. God uses the evil of man to accomplish His purposes. The result of the pain and suffering of the Cambodian people opened the door for everything to be built from the ground up. This included laying the foundations of the Christian Faith.

By God’s grace, the Cambodian people have now been open to the Gospel for more than 20 years. There is very little resistance and with New Life Fellowship’s proven, culturally sensitive method of evangelism and discipleship they have said “the people are so open we can’t produce leaders fast enough to get them to the places that are open to the Gospel.”


Goals (The “At least 500 Church Vision”)

By the end of 2020, New Life Fellowship aims to plant 500 city, village and house churches throughout Cambodia. The “at least 500 Church Vision” will serve to increase evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church planting in Cambodia. During its 5-year implementation, New Life Fellowship hopes to:

  • Plant 7 City Churches
  • Plant 450 village, house or cell churches
  • Plant 43 additional congregations, planted by network partners
  • Train 5,000 leaders in leadership and Christian principles
  • Provide 500 leaders with sustainable development
  • Create a sustainable facility for theNew Life Fellowship church planting headquarters
  • Create sustainable facilities for city churches
  • Impact 10,000 people with Office Skills Training, supplemental education and community transformation projects
  • Develop the ability of the local church to provide services to see communities and society transformed
  • Provide livelihood opportunities to local church leaders to strengthen families and ensure the long-term sustainability of church planting
  • Equip 20 networks to plant 200 churches in 5 years through the CCPC
  • Inspire 40 networks to plant 500 churches annually through the CCPC
  • Impact 770,000 people with the Gospel



  1. Plant resource hub churches in provincial capitals.
  2. Empower and support regional and localNew Life Fellowship churches and leaders.
  3. Equip and train leaders, church planters and pastors.
  4. Hold regular outreaches and evangelism in the provinces.

The “at least 500 Church Vision” will use a model of creating church planting hubs in cities throughout the country. These hubs will plant churches in the surrounding regions and be responsible to resource, train and oversee them. The church planting headquarters in Phnom Penh serves as the central church planting hub.

In addition, New Life Fellowship’s focus will be a continual push to plant new churches among their existing churches and provide leadership, pastoral and life-skills training through School of Leaders. School of Leaders is a monthly intensive Bible training school for provincial and village pastors and leaders.

The Phnom Penh-based leaders have been commissioned to equip and empower regional coordinators. This is important as it keeps New Life Fellowship tied together as a family and keeps the vision burning on a personal level. New Life Fellowship will also act as a catalyst for church planting in partner networks. Interested partners will access sub-grants and free consultation through the CCPC to accelerate the rate of church planting using New Life Fellowship’s model in Cambodia.


Cambodia Church Planting Center (CCPC)

Churches in Cambodia are looking for resources and a multiplication model to help them reach their people. Many independent pastors and denominations look to New Life Fellowship as a valuable resource. In 2016,New Life Fellowship took the lead to establish the CCPC as a further resource to the Cambodian Church. Annual activities of the Church Planting Center include:

  • Church Planting “Round Tables” in key cities in the country where those who have a passion to plant churches and reach their nation can join other like-minded leaders in an information setting for fellowship and sharing of Best Practices.
  • Church Planting Bootcamp, which is a 35-hour, one-week intensive training which trained 75 men and women in the last 12 months in two cities from dozens of provinces hungry to plant churches in their country.
  • Annual Church Planting Conference in two major cities to continue to fan the flames of church planting in Cambodia and inspire and equip the church planters.
  • Provide sub-grants to other church-planting movements

CCPC Conference, 2017


Asian Christian Conference (ACC)

The annual Asian Christian Conference started byNew Life Fellowship has blossomed into the largest Christian gathering in Cambodia with thousands in attendance from many denominations and Christian organisations each September. This conference refreshes the faith and vision of Cambodian Christians to continue to reach their country and equips the believer with spiritual and Bible-resources to do the work.

ACC, 2017


The Titus Group is a proud partner of New Life Fellowship Cambodia and the Cambodia Church Planting Center. Find out more about them here.


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