The Titus Group provides tailored services to select high-net-worth individuals worldwide. We take our clients on a journey of discovery to realise their Kingdom passion and help them partner with God in their giving.





Our mandate is clear: we bring Kingdom Investors and Kingdom Champions together to partner with God to build His Kingdom on earth. By allocating our clients’ philanthropic capital to initiatives led by fruitful Champions, we collectively contribute to the transformation of the social and spiritual well-being of individuals, families, and nations.


Our clients are men and women whom God has entrusted with great wealth. They are Kingdom Investors who wish to partner with God to see His purposes fulfilled on Earth.

Our goal is to build a tribe of prophetic givers to finance Kingdom opportunities that are looking to expand. By directing financial resources strategically to church planters, prophets, teachers, and intercessors, we are enabling them to fulfil Jesus’s mandate to disciple nations.

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