I know I want to make an impact with my Kingdom giving, but I'm not sure where to start. How can The Titus Group help me? 

We can help you articulate your philanthropic mission based upon your interests and values. Then, we can help you identify your charitable giving goals and objectives. From there, we can help you develop a plan for your giving.

I am a leader of a dynamic ministry and I have a great vision for expansion. Can you help me?

As a Christian Philanthropic Advisory Firm, The Titus Group provides philanthropic advice and grant recommendations to our clients. We do not hold any funds of our own. However, you can email info@titus.com.sg and we can help connect you to the right person.

I have $1,000 to invest into the Kingdom. Can The Titus Group help me make this contribution to Church Planting?

Due to the exclusive services provided by our team, we can only assist clients who give $20m over 5 years to the Kingdom.

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