Our clients are Kingdom Investors - men and women who walk in outrageous favor in their business and see unusual miracles in the marketplace. They are God’s bankers who hold the keys to Heaven’s Treasury.

Our goal is to help Kingdom Investors create fruitfulness and legacy — a book of testimonies and not just a list of donations.


Maximum Impact. Minimum Fuss.

The world of philanthropy can be incredibly complex. Worrying about how to navigate those waters can rob potential philanthropists of their peace of mind. The Titus Group helps to ease this burden, allowing our clients to concentrate on their marketplace calling.

In our constant quest for intricate solutions, we often miss the beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity. Our proprietary LADDER system maximises the philanthropic experience of Kingdom Investors by creating effective strategies to match their personal values and goals.

  • Listen

    We count it a privilege to partner with each client in discovering the God-given assignment in their season of life. Through the process of building relationships, we develop an individual ‘Spiritual Profile’ which includes their Kingdom Seasonal Investment Plan.

  • Analyse

    Through our broad international networks and experience, we provide a ‘Helicopter View of Champions and Kingdom Opportunities’ outlining the leaders whom God is using in a chosen territory. We are rigorous when analysing a Champion and ask hard questions when necessary.

  • Decide

    We work with our clients to determine whom they are called to serve. We then create a focused ‘Portfolio of Champions’, detailing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of the several Champions that may be highlighted.

  • Develop

    We identify and select a small number of elite individuals for each programme. The Champion’s Assessment Report allows us to focus on conducting deep due diligence. This process ensures that our clients’ resources go only to the most qualified and compelling opportunities.

  • Evaluate

    The Champions we recommend are expected to deliver outsized returns on our clients’ philanthropic capital. We measure impact with relevant metrics and hold the Champions accountable to milestones and timely progress reporting. This ensures that our Champions achieve their predetermined goals.

  • Report

    Through regular financial updates and detailed, high-quality annual reports, we remain transparent and accountable to our investors. We communicate the fruit of their investments through data, graphics, life-changing stories, and photographs — giving our clients the opportunity to celebrate what God is doing around the world.


God has called The Titus Group to bring together Kingdom Investors and Kingdom Builders to hear and fulfil God’s plans and purposes for our time and season. When we work collectively, we can maximise our contributions by working fully to our individual strengths and then pooling those talents together to great effect. Together, we can bring God’s Kingdom to earth, and see lives changed and cultures transformed.


A place where Investors and Champions connect


A News Portal where Investors are informed


A Kingdom treasury where Champions are empowered

Partnering with The Titus Group allows Kingdom Investors to enter a whole new world of prophets, pastors, intercessors, evangelists, church planters, and missionaries. These Champions become spiritual mentors to these world-class business leaders. They impart Godly wisdom, help govern their private lives, provide prophetic intelligence for their businesses, and challenge them to lead lives of significance.

These key Kingdom connections become part of our clients’ journey and are woven into their lifelong legacy.

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